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The Menace of Underground Ice

14 October 2011
A new model explains how subterranean ice can grow into large sheets that lift the earth and damage roads and buildings.
article link PRE (14 October 2011)
pingo in Canada

Nobel Prize--Discovery of Quasicrystals

7 October 2011
The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry recognizes the discovery of quasicrystals, in which atoms are ordered over long distances but not in the periodically repeating arrangement of traditional crystals.
article link PRL (12 November 1984)
Penrose pattern

The Purest X-Ray Beam

30 September 2011
Measurements of the world's first x-ray laser show that it produces the most coherent (laser-like) and the purest (monochromatic) x-ray beam ever measured.
article link PRL (30 September 2011)
LCLS undulators

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